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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    Curious if anyone has removed a lift on their rhino switching back to stock?
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Hey Everyone! Just looking for some advice. I am currently running 2" lift with 27x12x14 & 27x9x14 on a 700efi (stock clutching). I am looking to upgrade to some Zillas and am back and forth between 28's & 30's as well all all fatties for fatty/skinny combo. Most of my riding is water and mud...
  3. Suspension
    does anyone out there have a 6 inch fabtech lift? id like to know your thoughts on it, pros and cons. also if any has the lift if they could give me the length of the tie rods with the extentions that would help alot. i traded my stock suspension for the lift and im having a hard time figuring...
  4. Suspension
    I have a 3" Xtreme lift in my 06 Rhino with 28" Swamplites. This weekend while riding my rear left axle popped out twice and now the oil seal is junk also. I know when i put the axle back in it was locked in. Could the circlip be junk? Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an axle spacer...
1-4 of 5 Results