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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    Does anyone know of any rhino 700 2" top mount lift kits out there? The reason is I ordered 3" catvos with gorillas all the way around and I want just a little more lift. So i'm looking for a 2 inch lift kit that would bolt up on the top of the shocks.
  2. Suspension
    Bracket widening 6" extended each side & 2" Lift Long travel kits are ridiculously expensive so I have created a widening / lift kit with brackets. Works awesome it is not long travel but it adds the stability that I was after without spending 5k. I created this after i laid my rhino over...
  3. Rhino Parts
    I have a 07 rhino 660 motor for sale pulled from a rhino with electrical issues. Not sure on the hrs. I will try to upload pics later today. I would like to trade for a lt kit or a gorilla lift or can sell for right price. Also have most of rhino to part out.
  4. Rhino Parts
    6" lift powder coated silver w/gorillas all in good shape, 1800+your stock suspension and axles to put mine back rolling, messed up motor, so ima sell lift to rebuild motor, paid right at $4000 for it 1 1/2 yr ago 318-308-3554
  5. New Members
    Well I'm happy to join up and show a few pics of my newly acquired toy. I brought it home tonight. Bought from a guy who used it in a high dollar neighborhood where the neighbors hated it. It was only used to run from the house to the boat dock. I don't think it ever saw dirt. Had 32 hours and...
1-5 of 5 Results