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  1. Engine
    Ok, so I just snorkeled my rhino 660 yesterday. It will sputter when holding around 20mph and backfire when turning off. It also seems to run hot. The heat light blinked while I had it up to 43mph. Everything is stock except for a Dynatek cdi and the snorkel. Btw I don't know how to jet this...
  2. Engine
    i jetted my o8 rhino and i am trying to find out how you use the spark plug to test if you are rich or lean? any advice out there thanks in advance.
  3. Engine
    i just jetted my rhino 450 when i first did it when i would take off slow it would stall. i messed with the air fuel valve and got it runnin good but how will i know if it is rich or lean? can someone give me a lil advice thanks in advance.
1-3 of 3 Results