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  1. my rhino is doin funny ****...

    read this thread first- http://www.rhinoforums.net/engine/68199-purple-smoke-axle-noises-brakes-squealing-help-2.html ok so to add to that.. i had a full service done a few weeks ago and when i checked the oil today it was completely empty..... now what.... any ideas what would cause all the...
  2. Engine oil

    Hi guys, Today I have been checking my rhino's engine oil level and i found that they were at the midle (i think i have a leak) I have been using Mobil1 for my 660 but a friend told me this one was expensive and the 20W50 do what it has to do, so i wonder can i fill the engine oil with 20W50...
  3. Exhaust leak ant joints

    I have a 700 rhino year 2008 the joints held together with springs are leaking and vibrateing apart causing loud exhaust and blow by whats the fix Ive tried everything I can think to do. Please Help
  4. Exhaust joint leak

    General Rhino Discussion
    Hey I have a 2008 700 rhino and the exhaust vibrates apart at the joints held together by springs I have replaced the donuts and tried to tighten spring tentionbut nothing seems to keep these joints together. Its causing bad leakage and noise anyone know of a fix.
  5. HELP! Best Way To Replace Front Diff Seal??

    Alright guys, I need a little help. I know I have a front diff seal that needs to be replaced on my 2007 due to a leak. I have searched high and low on the forum and google on how to do this. From a little research, I know how to replace the seal once I get to that point, but what is the best...