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  1. Engine
    I hope someone can help guide me in the right direction. Its gonna be a long thread but I would rather give as many details as I can up front. I purchased a 2007 660 last January. It had 2500 miles on it and ran great. The previous owner had only modified the intake to a S&B under seat K&N...
  2. Engine
    so with the mods in sig, i was running a 175 main jet, 1 size up pilot, just the big washer under the needle in the middle notch, and had the A/F screw out 2.25 turns. off idle it would surge a bit, at 18mph it would sputter every now and then and at 85% throttle it would bog. now im running 170...
  3. Engine
    runs fine, holding around 20mph it will make a blub every couple seconds. at WOT 60mph it will bog then let up and run fine then bog again. any ideas?
  4. Engine
    So I've been doing lots of searching and reading on here to find specs and someone with similar mods and elevation so I have an idea of where to jet my machine. I have an 07 660 with Dynatek CDI, stock motor, carb, stock muffler with removed baffle and billet tip and had completely stock intake...
  5. Engine
    anybody got any ideas on how to get the 4 screws out of the float bowl? there like butter. ive tried a regular screwdriver that fits. failed. tried turnin em with pliers. fail. should be simple but i cant get em to budge
  6. Engine
    hey, with the mods in my sig and and a full FMF exhaust, where should i start on my jets? ill be using the Dynojet kit. and i dont have a heat shield. what should i do in replace of it?
  7. Engine
    so my rhino will occasionally backfire REALLY loud. like a gunshot in the eardrum and also it has bad power until about 25% throttle then it will surge and take off. the rubber boot in the top cap has a hole in it and the rhino wont idle more than a min or so. if its just barly warm itll idle...
  8. General Rhino Discussion
    ok so since all u ppl on here know rhinos... i need life advice. ive got the rhino in my sig with mods listed + windshield, black soft top. now first thing is, watcha think it may be worth? has 4300 miles and around 1300 hrs. now where i am. im 16, dont have my license yet, but hope to get it as...
  9. Engine
    ok so since ive snorkeled my rhino ive had probs with the jetting. i cant put the console on yet so either with or without the 2" airbox snorkel its still sputtering. it does it worst from 14 to 19 mph. while running that range it will overheat in a matter of 60 secs from starting it. the rad...
  10. Tutorials
    i need a detailed guide on jetting a Rhino carb. thanks
  11. Engine
    title says it. whats the best muffler/exhaust for $300?
1-11 of 11 Results