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  1. Engine
    I just rebuilt my 660 after it threw a rod and busted a baseball size hole through the cases. So I thought now is the time to go all out. Here's what I did to it. New cases of course, hot rods stroker crank and rod, bored to 101mm with wiseco 11:1 piston. Hot cams stage 2 cam and ported head...
  2. Engine
    so cant seem to keep oil in it, it was sputtering real bad from 11-23 mph. then it was between 14-19. running in that range for maybe 3 mins and my temp light would come on. i dont think it was the jetting cause with stock intake its still doin it. also it was ran hard for prob 4 days before i...
  3. Engine
    ok so i have a 3" air box pipe and the rest is 2 1/2". the thing runs hot, sputters some and backfires on shutoff. any thoughts on what Mikuni jets to go with??? damn dealer wont rejet it for me... or do much of anything for that matter. thanks
  4. Tutorials
    i need a detailed guide on jetting a Rhino carb. thanks
  5. General Rhino Discussion
    Hi guys, Since i have been reading many post here I saw that people talks about jet or not Rhino's but because im new on this i dont know what is that and is that why i am creating this thread, Thanks for your answers!
  6. Tutorials
    The attached photo from another member is very helpful but which jet is the unlabeled one?
1-6 of 6 Results