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  1. Engine
    I have read the stock option for my 07 Rhino 450's air filter is not very effective. I have heard different things from different people. I am going to upgrade my air filter. I was looking at a K & N with a pre filter (mesh sock). Sound off men; what do you think the best option for an air...
  2. Engine
    KMS vs. K&N Intake kits Anyone used either on a 2007 660. I'm looking into both. I am a little confused on the carb diaphragm hose. KMS just puts a filter on theirs and K&N has a place on the intake tube to put a grommet and the fitting. Thoughts?
  3. General Rhino Discussions
    Was curious if anyone has attempted this and if they had if there was any helpful hints. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Engine
    so with the mods in sig, i was running a 175 main jet, 1 size up pilot, just the big washer under the needle in the middle notch, and had the A/F screw out 2.25 turns. off idle it would surge a bit, at 18mph it would sputter every now and then and at 85% throttle it would bog. now im running 170...
  5. General Rhino Discussions
    Does this work with the stock air box?? Thanks!
  6. General Rhino Discussions
    This question probably has the most obvious answer.. I was going to check the oil, I leaned over the engine intake while the cover was off and I cover that intake hole while the engine was running and it shut off. I tried to turn it on and it still won't go. Battery's fine, plenty of gas. Only...
  7. Rhino Parts
    BS SAND Seats and other parts, parts, parts... PRICES HAVE BEEN DROPPED ON REMAINING ITEMS. REDUCED PRICE IS SHOWN I have a few parts from my 2007 660, if shipping is included in the price it is for CONUS only. I will have to discuss shipping on the seats, I doubt its cost effective, but if...
  8. Rhino Parts
    Ron Woods exhaust for 660 Mods please delete thread. Exhaust no longer for sale.... Thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results