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  1. 660 rhino rev limiter problems

    This is my first post I got a 05 660 rhino and since I've gotten it when I am driving in high gear when I hit about 23 mph and I give it full gas it acts like I am hitting my rev limiter and as long as I give it to much gas it will not go any faster but if I ease off and give it half throttle I...
  2. rhino wont start with MSD 4217

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I am having trouble with my 05 rhino 660 not starting with the MSD 4217 ignition box inline with my ECU. If I remove the MSD ignition box from the circuit it starts. I do have the 42171 harness installed in it. ALBA racing did the 686 big bore kit and I installed it. I am completely confused...
  3. Ignition Problem No Spark

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    My friend has a 2006 Rhino 660 that I am helping him work on...we were out riding and he went about 100yrds and then shut the machine down but it would not fire off...He has the Black rhino cdi module he is running.....The motor turns over fine and gas is getting to carbs...I have ohmed the...
  4. FS Dynatek CDI

    Rhino Parts
    This is a WORKING FS Dynatek CDI for a 04-07 rhino 660. I am upgrading my turbo system and need the programmable CDI, so my overindulgence is your gain! Ignition Features: Replaces complete CDI box. Improved timing curves. 55+ MPH top speed. Rev limit increased to 9,000. (7,700...
  5. Ignition Fuse keeps blowing! Please help!

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I was installing a WARN winch on my 2012 Rhino 700. I decided to get my power for the in and out switch from one of the wires going into the headlight switch. When I clipped the blue wire going into the headlight switch the ignition fuse blew? I put everything back to normal and it still blows...
  6. 660 starting mystery, need advise

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a 2005 660 and after he, (his name is Larry) gets warmed up, he will start but I have to hold the key in the "start" position for it to keep running. If I let the ignition go to the "on" position, it shuts off. I had to drive 40 miles on the piute trail to get back to camp with my wife...