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  1. 2008 Yamaha rhino 700 won't idle ((help )

    I'm having hell with my rhino it is 700 fuel injected , I completely rebuilt the engine new crankshaft, piston ,valves , and water pump gears and chain , new spark plug , oil and filter and headgasket set ! Now my problem when I crank it up it will idle for just a second and the it won't idle on...
  2. Houston we have a problem

    i put a new diaphragm and pilot screw in. quote- so today she acts completly different... didnt wanna start at first. with the choke on it idles really high and after a couple secs the engine starts to knock a bit. when i drop the choke it will idle like normally (its never idled more than 2...
  3. redid carb and wont run

    so i put a new A/F screw or Pilot screw. whatever ya wanna call it. and i put a new vacuum diaphragm in it. i tightened the A/F all the way in and back out 2.5 turns. i put the screw on top, washer on it, then the spring and then the black rubber peice i dropped down in the hole. seated the...
  4. carb boot tore? runnin bad

    so my rhino will occasionally backfire REALLY loud. like a gunshot in the eardrum and also it has bad power until about 25% throttle then it will surge and take off. the rubber boot in the top cap has a hole in it and the rhino wont idle more than a min or so. if its just barly warm itll idle...
  5. Cleaning your carb

    Carburetors, Tuning and Modifications
    Looking around, I see a lot of problems with starting and idling rough. 90% of the time it's a dirty carb. As soon as I got my Rhino home the first thing I did was remove the carburetor bowl and clean the jets. It's a 30 min process and makes a huge difference. It can easily be done without...
  6. 2009 rhino stalls, will only idle

    General Rhino Discussion
    see post at this forum link: http://www.rhinoforums.net/engine/61485-2009-rhino-700-only-idles-dies-when-applying-gas.html#post617962 Found out from trial and error that it appears to be the "Throttle Position Sensor TPI". Would you believe that there was not one, I repeat, NOT ONE in stock...
  7. 2009 Rhino 700 only idles dies when applying gas.

    * * * * * *Ok, 2/3 of today was great with the 09 rhino, hot day here in texas. I was in heavy brush area for quite awhile then broke into a clearing and step on the ole girl to cool things down a bit from the heat and slowness of thicket navigation, and then, as i stepped down on the gas, the...
  8. Stumped mechanic

    Im working on an 06 450 rhino, it is a job and not my own. It is all stock. The valves were just adjusted. The air filter is clean and oiled. The gas smells good but i dont know the age. Before i adjusted the valves i started it up when he dropped it off. It fired right up with the choke. I...