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  1. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey everyone, We just wanted to keep letting you know that we are here to help with all your lighting questions. I also wanted to share our Bars again, HID & LED. I would love to know what you guys prefer on your Rhino? At Baja Designs we don't believe in the Phrase to much light, you can...
  2. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    If anyone has any questions about any of out LaPaz light bars, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Gordon BD - Baja Designs LaPaz Light Bars are baja proven and the choice of top racers such as Rick D. Johnson, Kent Kroeker, and more! - Each LaPaz Light Bar is pre-wired and rubber...
  3. Misc For Sale
    Sell for $780.00 VERY nice set of lights from Baja Designs that are ready for use. Paid $1480.00 for this set-up and now don't use them. One set of Pencil beam and one set of spred beam. VERY BRIGHT! Not the cheep China type HID's! These will light up the desert. Lights are Made in Germany...
1-3 of 4 Results