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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    Anyone know if a rhino 660 carb will fit a rhino 450?
  2. Tutorials
    i need a detailed guide on jetting a Rhino carb. thanks
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    Anyone know of a gas cap that's easier to remove from the Rhino? The stock one is hard to get on and off.
  4. Roll Cages and Safety Equipment
    Is there a rear roll cage that has a utility rack on it (hooks, baskets, etc)? I need to carry shovels, ladder, tools, fuel, tractor batteries. Thanks
  5. Rhino Parts
    When i bought my 700 rhino, it came with this alba fuel controller, and honestly for the type of riding I do it is really not needed... so, I am throwing it on here to see if somebody is interested. It is a complete plug and play system, you can install in less than 10 seconds. here is the...
  6. General Rhino Discussion
    see post at this forum link: http://www.rhinoforums.net/engine/61485-2009-rhino-700-only-idles-dies-when-applying-gas.html#post617962 Found out from trial and error that it appears to be the "Throttle Position Sensor TPI". Would you believe that there was not one, I repeat, NOT ONE in stock...
  7. Engine
    * * * * * *Ok, 2/3 of today was great with the 09 rhino, hot day here in texas. I was in heavy brush area for quite awhile then broke into a clearing and step on the ole girl to cool things down a bit from the heat and slowness of thicket navigation, and then, as i stepped down on the gas, the...
  8. Engine
    My 06 660 will not pull fuel to carb. I changed filter still won't start. If I blowair in tank it will run for A minute and die. Wondering if it needs fuel pump? Any ideas?
  9. Engine
    I recently bought a used, 2006 Rhino with the 660 and am surprised how long it takes to get it started each morning (I use it around the property, so start it basically each morning). Here's what happens: At first crank, it fires up for 3-5 seconds and then dies (choked or not, doesn't...
  10. Engine
    I install a 2.5 - 4psi electric fuel pump on my 660 and everything is good except that the overflow hose under the carb keeps leeking out tiny amounts of fuel and the screw is screwed all the way in.I left the t in the fuel line and it overflows back to the tank so the system can't be pressured...
  11. General Rhino Discussion
    After riding for about an hour, my rhino will start to overheat, spit and sputter and there is a strong smell of gas. If the rhino stalls or is cut off at this point it will not start up again until cool. My fan works fine. I would like advice on this problem. I have been told replace fuel pump...
1-11 of 11 Results