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  1. Rhino 660 fuel pick up tube repair,silicone or not?

    Recently had fuel pump issues, and was reading about the silicone coming apart and stopping up the pick up, so I also checked that. Mine is coming apart and getting into the fuel filter. My question is, do you really need to put the silicone back after cleaning it off the pick up, or will the...
  2. 450 Not getting fuel to the carb?

    Hey Guys, In brief: Just bought this thing couple weeks back and finally had a chance to take it out. Rode about 10 miles, started sputting and stalled. Not pumping fuel out of the tank. Blew thru all the lines. tried bypassing the fuel filter. Has a Mr Gasket electric fule pump on it that is...
  3. stops running down hill

    after a long slow down hill 440 just quits its a 2009 any help,thanks in advance.my son also has one that dose same.
  4. a/f gauges anyone?

    What's up guys. I'm a newbie to the site and it seems like there is a bunch of good advise given on here. I'm looking to get a wideband a/f gauge and 02 and was wondering if anyone runs a kit from summit or jegs. Is the only difference between the hunterworks and muzzy's kits that they are a...
  5. Help Please!!!

    General Rhino Discussion
    Hey Guys, am brand new here and I have a 2006 660 with unknown hours on it. I just got it the other day and it was idling pretty rough. The next day it would idle OK, but when accelerating from a stop it would sort of shug along then all the sudden break free with full power and no...
  6. Fuel problem

    After sits for awhile in the barn it will start up and run for about 20 or 30 seconds and die. I take carb. apart and clean out jets and put back together and if run great. But after sitting in barn for a week or so it does the same thing all over again. I bypassed aux tank but it still does it...
  7. Loss of MPH please help!

    I purchased a used 2007 Rhino 660 a few months ago. It has upgraded exhaust, tires, CDI box, stereo ect.. I have consistently seen a loss of mph since my purchase. It used to top out at 49-47 mph now the most I can get out of it is 42 mph. It sounds like the engine is revving out to me because...
  8. 660 fuel rebuild kits/ gasket sets????

    hey all,... i'm in need of info on my 660 rhino.... is there somewhere i can buy a fuel pump gasket set??? are these even available without having to buy a whole new fuel pump??? The folks at TNT, in Bonnyville, Alberta, canada,... said i would hafta order a whole new fuel pump...
  9. Hard to start after a couple of weeks

    My 2005 Rhino 660 is hard to start after it sits for several weeks. One it is started it runs great an starts right up. Any answers? Thanks B.T.:azflag:
  10. 2007 Rhino 660, which fuel pump?????

    I have a 2007 Rhino thats having fuel issues, losing its prime. I'm going to replace the fuel pump and delivery system. I'm going to use ruttingrhino's delivery system, but not sure about pump. Which pump is one of the best with a stock engine. Will the high volume pumps work with a stock engine...