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  1. Engine
    so at 50mph my motor sounds about like its gonna blow. soon imma be runnin 26 or 27" Zillas. i have stock clutch weights. can i put ODs in my standard UTV Crap machined clutch? i can run 59 with a bad tuned carb right now. more is great and i cant lose any low end. gaining low and mid would be...
  2. Engine
    how far can a stock clutch be machined? i allready have a utv crap one. but if this stock one can give me even more umph then why not. also with the mods listed in sig im hittin around 53mph with 2 ppl on it and it gets there pretty dang fast in my opinion. it does need a carb tune. but is it...
1-2 of 2 Results