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  1. anybody wanna ride in NC?

    Local Rides and Events
    not real sure yet but anybody wanna go ridin in NC? im thinkin like Busco or maybe Brown Mountain or somthin. if somebody wants to go just hit me up and well plan sumthin. (update) ok so its been decided to go to CAW in 3 or 4 weeks on one of those weekends for a day trip.
  2. Any Upcoming 2011 Events in the Southeastern Area?

    Local Rides and Events
    Hey ... do any of you guys know of any off-road events coming up anytime soon or this year even that might be cool to attend or possibly even take part in? I'm looking for events other than race events, since I already have a huge list of those. :) Thanks
  3. Sonora Mexico Race Event

    Local Rides and Events
    Desert Off Road Race Organized by SO.NO.R.A. SONORA NORTH RACING ASSOCIATION Nogales Sonora Mexico. -Pre-Run soon. Tecate or Pacifico, Coke or Pepsi as main sponsors. -Late August '09 1000 acre Private course. -Terrain is short canyons, river beds, and sandy hard pack. Very fast...