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  1. No spark

    I just put a new engine my 06 rhino 660. The engine is a rebuilt grizzly 660 engine (couldn't find a rhino 660 engine) the problem I'm having is after it was all installed I'm not getting spark it had spark when I took the old engine out. I replace the coil and still nothing. Triple checked all...
  2. mysterious CDI issue

    General Rhino Discussion
    Recently purchased an O5' Rhino. Original owner built the car then sold it when the RZR's came onto the scene. I purchased it from the second owner who didn't have any place to drive it. Car only has 30 original hours and in pristine condition. Build includes long travel, elka's, custom roll...
  3. Hello & Help

    New Members
    Hello, new to the forum always wanted a SXS and pulled the trigger on one and it has already begun with repairs. I just bought a used 06 660 and it has been modified quite a bit. Lift, HID lights, radio, clutch kit, top gun computer, two batteries, etc... When looked at it ran fine started up...
  4. 06 rhino 660 starting trouble

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I have an 06 rhino 660 with trouble starting ,the starter is fine because I have been jumping it right at the starter with my deep cycle boat battery ,but when I start the quad I get this rapid clicking of the starter relay when I turn the key (sometimes doesn't click at all when turned) which...
  5. electrical problems. Please help!

    New Members
    New to the rhino world ,but ready and willing to learn. I have an electrical problem. Im running a dual battery set up with a yellow top optima battery as an accessory battery and my stock battery for the rest. My accesories are winch, 4 lighs, amp, stereo. Everything turns right on when i start...