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  1. Southern Polytechnic Dyno Day!

    Southeast U.S.
    Hey guys, the Formula SAE team at Southern Polytechnic is looking to hold a dyno day for ATVs/Quads/UTVs/etc. and we're trying to gauge the interest in holding this event. We're hosting the dyno day in order to raise money for our all volunteer Formula SAE team. A few other FSAE teams will be...
  2. FREE DYNO DAY @ Trinity Racing!!! Save the Date: July 9, 2011, SAT (Rancho Cucamonga)

    Local Rides and Events
    SAVE THE DATE: SAT, JULY 09, 2011, 9AM-2pm @ THE TRINITY RACING LOT The queue fills up super fast, so get there by 8am to signup. This is a first come first serve basis. We won’t have time to tweak the tune so bring your bike -- ready to ride (full tank, no part defects). We do three pulls on...
  3. So Cal... where can I get a dyno for my rhino???

    General Rhino Discussion
    we are getting ready to do some changes and wanted to get our rhinos on the dyno before....we wanted to have a before and after test, and also wanted to see what they both do with stock system.... does anybody know a place where we can put the rhino on the rack??? we got a guy who does our...