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  1. MSD Charge speed enhancer?

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey everyone, new to the Forum and new to the Rhino as well. I've been looking thru back posts and haven't seen anything on this and was hoping someone on here might be able to help me. I purchased an 06 660 rhino and wanted to try and get a little more speed out of it as I was only getting 41...
  2. LOORS and DragonFire Racing Opens Last Round of Primm to All Rhino’s with Rhino Motor

    General Rhino Discussion
    LOORS and DragonFire Racing Opens Last Round of Primm to All Rhino’s with Rhino Motors. The Final Round at Primm Valley Motorsports Complex November 14th and 15th will be the biggest field yet, allowing everyone who has a race Vehicle out to Primm Nevada for the last race of the Season...
  3. Baja 1000 Pre Run and Testing: DragonFire Racing

    General Rhino Discussion
    Baja or Bust We took 14 new People, 7 new DragonFire Equipped Kawasaki Teryx’s, and we headed to Baja last week to see if our cars and customers could beat the Baja. I had the luxury of brining my wife, but she insisted that she got to drive the Teryx, and I would ride my KX 450 all weekend...
  4. Nessie Sighting for $500 Today only.

    General Rhino Discussion
    Nessie was sighted on the DFR trailer, heading to the SSSS, at 630 AM AZ time. Attached is a picture If you see her in transit and can get a picture, there is a $500 Store Credit. 1. One Picture and one DFR Store Credit for $500 per forum member 2. Pictures cannot be taken in the same location...
  5. LOORS Video by DFR

    General Rhino Discussion
    We will be doing allot of HD filming and editing this year. Here is an example of the last LOORS Race. It is on the front page of our site. Kawasaki Teryx Performance & Accessories Yamaha Rhino Accessories, Yamaha Rhino Performance, Arctic Cat Prowler, Polaris Ranger & RZR, Custom Yamaha Rhino...
  6. SSSS Nessie 2 Seater Live and in HD

    General Rhino Discussion
    Since we have taken and extra year to get Nessie done, we are trying to make Nessie available for all to see. We will broadcast in HD from the SSSS. You have asked for pictures and we have delayed, you have asked for the car and we took an entire year to get it right. I am attaching a link...