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  1. Suspension
    I attached a link for the video. I am a new to UTVs. Unknown miles on the unit. Is this normal to have this much play? There is no noise or leaks. Just noticed when fixing a wheel stud. Thanks in advanced PS my kid shakes like a leaf recording...
  2. Engine
    ok so my rear differential is raised up about 1/2-3/4 a inch because the mounts broke and the welder did a REALLY shitty job reweldin it. so now, im tryna get my exhaust out. how the heck do i do it?
  3. Engine
    should the driveshaft travel out of the differential any? thanks. here's pics to what's goin on. Flickr: cheasy7979's Photostream
  4. Engine
    should the drive shaft travel out of the differential about 1/4 an inch? i had my differential support redone and my differential tilts slightly. and when i grab the shaft i can push it toward the engine a bit and it feels springy but when i give it gas it travels out a bit. also after riding...
  5. Engine
    can i take Yamaha to court??? so a few weeks ago my rear differential soppurt broke. took it to my dealer they "aligned" it and had a welder weld it. and so today i installed a BRP support (havent driven it till today) and now i noticed that it makes a loud snap/poping noise. i found that when...
  6. Rhino Parts
    sold Sold
  7. Suspension
    I am new to this site but have been trying to look for some answers and am coming up with anything. Ok so I have a 2007 660 Rhino that is having issues whith the rear diff and I can not find much info on it. The Rhino had 27 inch XTR's for 3 years and never had anything but an occational seal or...
  8. General Rhino Discussions
    I have been searching the forums with regard to the ring gear bolts in the front differential backing out and ripping open the case. I also had the problem and just pulled my front differential out. One bolt was lodged in the side of the case. After opening the case but prior to removing the...
  9. Rhino Parts
    I'm still looking for a front differential for a 2007 rhino 660. Thanks!
  10. General Rhino Discussions
    2007 660. I just replaced my front left axle as the boot was torn when I bought it used. When I pulled the old axle out I found that when I spun the tire after it was raised off the ground it spun with a little resistance, kind of a slight rumble/vibration. I put the new axle in and there is...
1-10 of 11 Results