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    I have been searching the forums with regard to the ring gear bolts in the front differential backing out and ripping open the case. I also had the problem and just pulled my front differential out. One bolt was lodged in the side of the case. After opening the case but prior to removing the...
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    Front Diff $325 Shipped SOld Rear Diff $300 Shipped Sold Cv's $100 for All Four Fronts $100 for All Four Rears OR 175 For all Four Includes Shipping *SOLD* Drives Lines Front or Rear $50 Each Shipped. Sold Digital Dash $100 Shipped Sold Stock Radiator W/Fan and new radiator cap $150...
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    I was out in the snow yesterday and got stuck and went to engage the dif lock and there was nothing there. It was working in the fall! The valve makes its normal noise and the light comes on indicating that it is engaged but it does not seem to be engaging. I have jacked the front end up...