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  1. Carburetors, Tuning and Modifications
    Hey there, I have a completely stock 06 Rhino 450 with an odd carb issue that I’ve been hitting my head over. I got the rhino about 6 months ago and it had a massive backfire on decel. I tried a bunch of jet tuning to fix it, but had no luck. I then found out the o-ring on the needle valve...
  2. Engine
    so my rhino will occasionally backfire REALLY loud. like a gunshot in the eardrum and also it has bad power until about 25% throttle then it will surge and take off. the rubber boot in the top cap has a hole in it and the rhino wont idle more than a min or so. if its just barly warm itll idle...
  3. Engine
    so after my full rebuild my rhino randomly started smoking blue and it smelt real bad so i shut it off. next day it didnt smoke at all. i thought it might have been since i didnt let it warm up good. (about 30 secs or so) and so i rode it a couple times since (that was like 3 weeks ago) and now...
  4. Engine
    * * * * * *Ok, 2/3 of today was great with the 09 rhino, hot day here in texas. I was in heavy brush area for quite awhile then broke into a clearing and step on the ole girl to cool things down a bit from the heat and slowness of thicket navigation, and then, as i stepped down on the gas, the...
1-4 of 4 Results