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  1. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    battery keeps goin dead with the amp off, no lights on or anything. itll go dead, shut off and leave me stranded. the speedo started readin way high. like it says 30 when im doin more like 20 and 78 when im doin 55ish. at times when im not on the gas itll just idle down, backfire real loud and die.
  2. Engine
    so ive had this problem for a pretty good while. at mid throttle to go 14-19 mph it sputters real bad. every couple mins at 14, a good bit at 15, real bad at 16 and then back down. if i mash the gas more when it starts itll quit but you hafta get on it to get outta the sputter range. its had a...
  3. Engine
    ok so i put a snorkel on my 660 and it was sputtering alot so i thought the jetting was off. i took the air snorkel off and started driving up our driveway and i lost power and it shut off. itll only idle with the choke on and if i give it gas it makes a knocking sound and will start to shut...
1-3 of 3 Results