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  1. Engine
    so my rhino will occasionally backfire REALLY loud. like a gunshot in the eardrum and also it has bad power until about 25% throttle then it will surge and take off. the rubber boot in the top cap has a hole in it and the rhino wont idle more than a min or so. if its just barly warm itll idle...
  2. General Rhino Discussion
    So for those who know about my rhino.... heres a update. i took it to my mechanic. (found out he was working in his other shop and didnt get my calls) he looked at it and found that the coolant had just gone down filling the air pockets in the motor. and the oil that was burnt is leftover in the...
  3. Engine
    so after my full rebuild my rhino randomly started smoking blue and it smelt real bad so i shut it off. next day it didnt smoke at all. i thought it might have been since i didnt let it warm up good. (about 30 secs or so) and so i rode it a couple times since (that was like 3 weeks ago) and now...
  4. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    battery keeps goin dead with the amp off, no lights on or anything. itll go dead, shut off and leave me stranded. the speedo started readin way high. like it says 30 when im doin more like 20 and 78 when im doin 55ish. at times when im not on the gas itll just idle down, backfire real loud and die.
  5. Engine
    so i gave in and had a full rebuild by Hunt's cycle. i was out tryna break the motor in for a ride this weekend. had music playin and first time after prob 3 hrs of drivin it started to sputter real bad, backfired and died. stranded me about 3 miles from where i live. and so i got it jumped of...
  6. Engine
    ok so since ive snorkeled my rhino ive had probs with the jetting. i cant put the console on yet so either with or without the 2" airbox snorkel its still sputtering. it does it worst from 14 to 19 mph. while running that range it will overheat in a matter of 60 secs from starting it. the rad...
  7. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    ok so i just hooked my winch back up and now whenever my rhino turns off its dead. completely dead. itll go click. then nuthin. gotta jump it off everytime. any ideas? im wonderin if the winch is shortin out.
1-7 of 7 Results