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  1. What have you done to your Rhino today & pictures
    heres where i started, tailtights tinted, and the black stripe.
  2. Rhino Parts
    SOLD! Up for sale is a used condition Viper Max Series Winch rated at up to 3,000 pounds. This comes with a custom mount that fit it to my family's Yamaha Rhino 450 so it should fit to the front bumper on the 450's and the 660's to the best of my knowledge. If this is wrong, feel free to...
  3. New Members
    Im a recent transplant from Temecula Ca to Seattle Wa area. I opened up a shop in Everett Wa where we fix anything from general automotive repairs to building custom cars, trucks, and rhinos. I have built quite a few toys in my day and have worked for several hi end fabrication shops in southern...
  4. General Rhino Discussion
    Any one build a side by side from scratch using the plastics and some other parts from a rhino? Maybe using a bike engine for lower price and higher power. Or maybe modifying a golf cart to look like a rhino? Just dreaming up some ideas and wanted to see what other people have done.
1-4 of 5 Results