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  1. CVT, Sheaves and Wet Clutch
    I can put the shifter into any gear freely, but nothing engaged. When I push the accelerator, it just acts like it is in neutral. A couple weeks ago, the reverse would sometimes not work. If I shut off the Rhino (2008, 450) and started it back up, it would work again. The other day I was...
  2. Engine
    This is my first UTV and I bought a 2009 Rhino Sport Edition 700 on an auction because of the price (or so I thought) and took a chance. The clutches and even the cover for the wet clutch was in pieces (noticed no belt fan). The clutches were supposed to be replaced but was told they smoked...
  3. Engine
    When I start moving, the first foot or two are at a normal acceleration and then it slows down. It doesn't matter what the rpms are at it creeps. Does the same in 4x4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results