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  1. Rhino Parts
    i have a stock full system that is real nice, a machined clutch, 8000K HIDs, and a CDI. need this stuff gone. text 910-580-1879 for prices
  2. Engine
    need advice, whats gonna be the best cam in my soon to be 686? i ride trails, gravel roads and some mud. i would like to gain mid and top end while keeping or gaining a some low. and still staying on the cheaper side with it. any thoughts on a raptor cam?
  3. What Have You Done to Your Rhino Today & Pictures
    heres where i started, tailtights tinted, and the black stripe.
  4. Suspension
    hey, anybody know if either of these are any account over my base 04 shocks? 15 3 4" 400mm A Pair Front Absorber Yamaha Rhino 660 2004 Piggyback Shocks Black | eBay Yamaha Rhino 450 660 700 400mm Front Air Nitrogen Shock Absorbers S | eBay thanks
  5. Yamaha Rhinos For Sale
    ok so i have a 04 660 that has 4200 miles on it. it has utv crap sheave, orange spring, dynatech cdi, exhaust tip and differential support all included but not installed, blackened lights, custom paint job. i am in need of a truck, would trade for a lifted K5 Blazer, i dont necessarily have to...
  6. Rhino Parts
    Hi Guys, I bought a trashed Rhino 660 thinking I could fix it up for a cheap ride this summer. Well after dozens of hours and lots of $$$ , I have given up on my project. I have listed some parts that I have purchased that were never used. They are priced below what I paid for them. I'm just...
1-6 of 8 Results