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  1. Reverse sensor problem please help

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Randomly the reverse light on my 07 660 started staying on and for some reason is is causing the engine to loose spark. I checked the voltage to the switch and it was around 10.5-11 volts. I bypassed the switch and grounded out the wire to see if that would fix it and it didn’t. The only think...
  2. Reverse light stuck on?

    General Rhino Discussion
    The reverse light on my 07 660 is stuck on. I saw that you could bypass the sensor by grounding out the sensor wire so I tried grounding it to the battery and the reverse light still wouldn’t go off. Right now I can’t get it to run because it isn’t getting spark either. Earlier today I turned it...
  3. mysterious CDI issue

    General Rhino Discussion
    Recently purchased an O5' Rhino. Original owner built the car then sold it when the RZR's came onto the scene. I purchased it from the second owner who didn't have any place to drive it. Car only has 30 original hours and in pristine condition. Build includes long travel, elka's, custom roll...
  4. Reverse Light Blinking and Engine Cutout

    New member and thank you for this resource. I've read dozens of threads related to this, but still can't fix my issue. I have an 06 660 that I bought with and RMStator CDI. I maxed out around 40mph and it feels like it's still being rev limited at the top. I bought a MSD 4240 figuring it was...
  5. 65 mph possible? 50 mph cruising?

    CVT, Sheaves and Wet Clutch
    Recently purchased a Calif. street legal Rhino. Just got some 25" DOT Radial tires. Right now top speed is 42-45 mph. Only upgrade is an old Dynatec CDI, stock air cleaner, carb jets?, and exhaust. If I upgrade it a better intake (K&N) and aftermarket exhaust, and a 9000 rpm CDI, what top...
  6. rev limiter at 15mph in all gears already grounded reverse sensor wire

    its a 2007 660, done a lot of searching, realize my problem with the rev limiter at 15mph was from the reverse sensor, grounded the wire less than 5" from the cdi box straight to the battery. problem went away for a couple test rides and now has come back. reverse light is out till I hit the...
  7. Ignition Problem No Spark

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    My friend has a 2006 Rhino 660 that I am helping him work on...we were out riding and he went about 100yrds and then shut the machine down but it would not fire off...He has the Black rhino cdi module he is running.....The motor turns over fine and gas is getting to carbs...I have ohmed the...
  8. aftermarket and stock parts *MUST SELL*

    Rhino Parts
    i have a stock 660 CDI, stock clutch, stock secondary spring, 8000k HIDs and i think i have some other parts layin around here too. i also have paint. i have 3 cans or green spray paint and 4 cans of white Krylon. *MUST SELL BY TUESDAY*. shoot me offers. post here, PM or text 910-580-1879
  9. New Memeber and 2012 Rhino Owner

    I have a 700 Rhino and want to remove the limiter. Is this a good idea number 1? Second, what should I buy where should I buy it. Thirdly, I would really like new wheels and tires as well. Thoughts? Sorry for the generic simple questions, just getting into this. Thanks!!! Jason!
  10. MSD Charge speed enhancer?

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey everyone, new to the Forum and new to the Rhino as well. I've been looking thru back posts and haven't seen anything on this and was hoping someone on here might be able to help me. I purchased an 06 660 rhino and wanted to try and get a little more speed out of it as I was only getting 41...
  11. engine mods?

    so ive got a 04 rhino 660, got it cheap as heck. :banana: but anyway, what mods will I need to get to 60mph and do it real fast without losing any bottom end or even gaining some bottom end? I ride muddy trails, hard trails, mud, creeks, water, and a lot of road running. ive got Dunlop stock...
  12. Cdi box

    I'm looking to get a Cdi box for my 07 660. I found one that is called performance cdi it's one of the cheaper ones online. Has anyone tried that one and is it any good.
  13. rhino newbie would like some info

    I orignally bought my rhino(2011 700efi) for hunting and work but after riding with some rzrs and such im just gettin smoked once i hit 35. I know i wont be able to keep up with them but i need to get some more speed and power. I dont have any engine work just a couple accessories(windshiled...
  14. FS Dynatek CDI

    Rhino Parts
    This is a WORKING FS Dynatek CDI for a 04-07 rhino 660. I am upgrading my turbo system and need the programmable CDI, so my overindulgence is your gain! Ignition Features: Replaces complete CDI box. Improved timing curves. 55+ MPH top speed. Rev limit increased to 9,000. (7,700...
  15. USED MSD for Rhino 700

    Want To Buy
    I am looking to buy a used working complete MSD for a 2008 Rhino 700.
  16. dynatek or blackrhino

    General Rhino Discussion
    I bought a dyna cdi non program and when i pulled the old one out it was a blackrhino. I was told it was the stock one when i bought it and didnt think to look before i bought a new one So my question is what one should i keep? i have a 06 660. do i need to just see what one feels better...
  17. Anyone object to this setup???

    Hey guys, I was looking to dump some money into the an 08 700 rhino and I was thinking of going the following route. Mod Sheave, dual muzzy exhaust, msd charge fuel controller. I already have a black rhino CDI, will this work with the above??? If anyone has anything better please let me know...
  18. Reverse Light On, CDI Relay

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have an 06' Rhino 660. B-4 I bought it 2 months ago the top end had been rebuilt, new Mikuni TM-45 carb installed on it. When I start to take off it will get up to approx. 25MPH and start to cut out and the reverse light comes on, when I back off and the reverse light goes out it will run ok...
  19. DrD slip on exhaust and bonus CDI

    Rhino Parts
    I have a like new Dr D slipon ehaust that I bought for my 07 sport and I got my tax money back and ordered a duals set up. I have maybe ridden this pipe like eight nine times. I also have a black rhino stage 3 CDI it works well but does have a crack in the plastic case it was in my rhino when I...