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  1. O'ring size

    Carburetors, Tuning and Modifications
    Does anyone know the specs for the needle jet o'ring on the 04-07 660 carb? All I can find is the part number (I think it's 583-14561-00-00) and some crappy ebay pictures next to a ruler. I tore mine by accident and was wondering if one from an o'ring assortment my coworker just offered me would...
  2. mouse chewed wiring

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I have a 2006 660 and recently had it in the garage. Realized a mouse or pack rat chewed through wiring underneath carburetor. Anyone have any suggestions where I can get a good diagram so I can check the wires? Thanks!
  3. 2006 Rhino- Good Deal

    General Rhino Discussion
    I've been looking at an '06 660 SE Rhino with about 1000 miles. It looks real clean. Has roof, windshield, rubble seats, rear mounted spare and metal underbelly skid plate. They want $5800. Good deal or would I be better to keep looking for an '08+ to get the fuel injection?
  4. Edelbrock 40 carb any good?

    i may have a chance to get a Edelbrock 40 carb. it doesnt have a choke but it doesnt get very cold around here. is this a good carb or no?
  5. redid carb and wont run

    so i put a new A/F screw or Pilot screw. whatever ya wanna call it. and i put a new vacuum diaphragm in it. i tightened the A/F all the way in and back out 2.5 turns. i put the screw on top, washer on it, then the spring and then the black rubber peice i dropped down in the hole. seated the...
  6. what the crap is this thing?

    on a 04 660 on the bottom of the carb, right next to where the 2 wires mount on the carb there is a little brass thing. it looks like a carb jet and has a spring on it. it sits behind the float bowl in the center of the carb beside the 2 wires. thanks
  7. Cleaning your carb

    Carburetors, Tuning and Modifications
    Looking around, I see a lot of problems with starting and idling rough. 90% of the time it's a dirty carb. As soon as I got my Rhino home the first thing I did was remove the carburetor bowl and clean the jets. It's a 30 min process and makes a huge difference. It can easily be done without...
  8. ? about an '06 rhino 450

    Needing some help. My rhino is loading up on idle. When revved it seems fine. Drinks a bunch of fuel while idling. I have cleaned carburetor. Need some ideas of what can cause this. Thanks.
  9. Carb Slide sticking at half throttle

    General Rhino Discussion
    2005 660 rhino. When running the rhino at half throttle the engine spits and sputters and sounds like its not getting the air it needs. The carb has been thoroughly cleaned a few times while trying to solve this issue. It seems that the carb slide isn't opening correctly. When taking the air...