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  1. O'ring size

    Carburetors, Tuning and Modifications
    Does anyone know the specs for the needle jet o'ring on the 04-07 660 carb? All I can find is the part number (I think it's 583-14561-00-00) and some crappy ebay pictures next to a ruler. I tore mine by accident and was wondering if one from an o'ring assortment my coworker just offered me would...
  2. Rhino 660 Fuel Pump Issues. Need recommendation

    Midwest / Texas
    Have a 2006 Rhino 660. Bought several years ago and have had ongoing problems with fuel pumps. I have been through 4 genuine Yamaha fuel pumps and was recently talked into trying a completely different type of pump by reasonably good mechanic. Result is always the same lines have been checked...
  3. 06 rhino carb swap

    General Rhino Discussion
    Anyone know if a rhino 660 carb will fit a rhino 450?
  4. bogging at 60 and no idle again...

    so with the mods in sig, i was running a 175 main jet, 1 size up pilot, just the big washer under the needle in the middle notch, and had the A/F screw out 2.25 turns. off idle it would surge a bit, at 18mph it would sputter every now and then and at 85% throttle it would bog. now im running 170...
  5. fan not working?

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    so i just noticed because my motor gets pretty hot that my fan isnt coming on. why would this be? also its bogging at 60mph again and puking oil after a top speed run.
  6. tweaking jetting

    runs fine, holding around 20mph it will make a blub every couple seconds. at WOT 60mph it will bog then let up and run fine then bog again. any ideas?
  7. jetting and carb issues

    anybody got any ideas on how to get the 4 screws out of the float bowl? there like butter. ive tried a regular screwdriver that fits. failed. tried turnin em with pliers. fail. should be simple but i cant get em to budge
  8. help with jetting

    hey, with the mods in my sig and and a full FMF exhaust, where should i start on my jets? ill be using the Dynojet kit. and i dont have a heat shield. what should i do in replace of it?
  9. Edelbrock 40 carb any good?

    i may have a chance to get a Edelbrock 40 carb. it doesnt have a choke but it doesnt get very cold around here. is this a good carb or no?
  10. Houston we have a problem

    i put a new diaphragm and pilot screw in. quote- so today she acts completly different... didnt wanna start at first. with the choke on it idles really high and after a couple secs the engine starts to knock a bit. when i drop the choke it will idle like normally (its never idled more than 2...
  11. redid carb and wont run

    so i put a new A/F screw or Pilot screw. whatever ya wanna call it. and i put a new vacuum diaphragm in it. i tightened the A/F all the way in and back out 2.5 turns. i put the screw on top, washer on it, then the spring and then the black rubber peice i dropped down in the hole. seated the...
  12. what the crap is this thing?

    on a 04 660 on the bottom of the carb, right next to where the 2 wires mount on the carb there is a little brass thing. it looks like a carb jet and has a spring on it. it sits behind the float bowl in the center of the carb beside the 2 wires. thanks
  13. new carb? pls help

    my carb vacuum diagram has a hole in it and i lost the valve thats on the bottom of the carb. should i just buy a new one or buy the almost $60 worth of parts? is this carb any account? Yamaha Rhino 660 Carburetor 2004 2005 2006 2007 YXR660 UTV Side by Side Carb A | eBay
  14. carb boot tore? runnin bad

    so my rhino will occasionally backfire REALLY loud. like a gunshot in the eardrum and also it has bad power until about 25% throttle then it will surge and take off. the rubber boot in the top cap has a hole in it and the rhino wont idle more than a min or so. if its just barly warm itll idle...
  15. top speed loss after issues?

    so cant seem to keep oil in it, it was sputtering real bad from 11-23 mph. then it was between 14-19. running in that range for maybe 3 mins and my temp light would come on. i dont think it was the jetting cause with stock intake its still doin it. also it was ran hard for prob 4 days before i...
  16. leaking oil, sputtering, overheating.

    cant seem to keep oil in it, it sputters real bad from 11-23 mph. it was between 14-19 but seems a bit worse now. running in that range for maybe 3 mins and my temp light will come on. i dont think it the jetting cause with stock intake its still doin it. also it was ran hard for prob 4 days...
  17. overheating in a certain mph range???

    ok so since ive snorkeled my rhino ive had probs with the jetting. i cant put the console on yet so either with or without the 2" airbox snorkel its still sputtering. it does it worst from 14 to 19 mph. while running that range it will overheat in a matter of 60 secs from starting it. the rad...
  18. sputtering, will only run with choke, dies with gas.

    ok so i put a snorkel on my 660 and it was sputtering alot so i thought the jetting was off. i took the air snorkel off and started driving up our driveway and i lost power and it shut off. itll only idle with the choke on and if i give it gas it makes a knocking sound and will start to shut...
  19. Rejetting with snorkel. NEED HELP ASAP!

    ok so i have a 3" air box pipe and the rest is 2 1/2". the thing runs hot, sputters some and backfires on shutoff. any thoughts on what Mikuni jets to go with??? damn dealer wont rejet it for me... or do much of anything for that matter. thanks
  20. How to jet a carb?

    i need a detailed guide on jetting a Rhino carb. thanks