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  1. Engine
    so ill start with, i hate my current Namura. it was supposed to be a JE and my mechanic thought it better to go cheap because i was going to sell it. so now this piston has 233 miles on it. i run high rpms alot and im afraid its gonna give out and be pretty bad. so, i want to go CP or JE. i...
  2. Engine
    ok so my rear differential is raised up about 1/2-3/4 a inch because the mounts broke and the welder did a REALLY shitty job reweldin it. so now, im tryna get my exhaust out. how the heck do i do it?
  3. Engine
    so im looking to trade my rhino for a lifted 07 Renegade. But, if that doesnt go thru then i may just keep it. now my tires will need to be changed. whats a good mud tire but still ride good and not be heavy? i ride fairly fast. now is it worth it to sell my rebuilt motor and do a Rotax swap...
  4. General Rhino Discussions
    So for those who know about my rhino.... heres a update. i took it to my mechanic. (found out he was working in his other shop and didnt get my calls) he looked at it and found that the coolant had just gone down filling the air pockets in the motor. and the oil that was burnt is leftover in the...
  5. Members Rides and Rhino Of The Month Contest!
    so ive gotta rebuild my motor. and while im at it im goin Benckmark 686. if im tryna get to the cam and valves do i pull at the top point or lowwer where my finger is?
  6. General Rhino Discussions
    ok im having a dreadful epiphany. im getting tired of fixing my rhino. i have this idea of getting a 350 Chevy motor and 350 turbo tranny. a custom frame. use the drive system from a Chevy truck, but use the Rhino shocks, a arms, and... i guess everythong else from a chevy truck. will this work?
1-6 of 6 Results