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  1. 2006 Yamaha Rhino braking noise

    General Rhino Discussion
    Hoping someone could help me out. I have 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 camo. Its been a great vehicle with very few issues. A few weeks a go we experienced a good amount of rain in West Texas. I took the Rhino out and had to put in 4 wheel drive due to the excessive mud. 2 days later things dried up a...
  2. purple smoke, axle noises, and brakes squealing??? help

    ok so i just installed my UTV crap exhaust tip on my 04 rhino, (it has 4200 miles) and i just noticed that when im running high rpms in neutral or driving in high that it blows out some purple smoke, steady in neutral and puffs while running around 38 mph. whats goin on here? and how do i fix...
  3. Rear brake caliper

    just baught a 2007 rhino 660 with 20 hrs on it. the guy before me mud bogged really hard for a little then i baught it,power washed it, removed skit plates etc. I took the rear brake caliper off to spray it out with an air gun and my friend accidentally applyed the brake, while they were out...