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  1. Engine
    Has any body put this kit on and what are your thoughts? It's the kit with the head, cam, fuel controller ,coil and clutch. All feed back welcome, good and bad. I'm thinking of buying this package but don't want too be disapointed.
  2. Engine
    This is a topic that is has MANY MANY threads, but none of which I have been able to find the answer that I need. Here is my situation: My 2006 686, 12:1 Piston, Stage 2 Cams, +1 Springs, Etc. hesitates when starting. ACTUALLY what happens is I turn the key I hear the starter relay...
  3. Engine
    I am considering installing a 686 Big Big Bore Kit onto my Rhino. The install will include a new cam, valve springs, port and polish, Piston, etc. I would like to continue using pump gas. I do have a few questions. Which is a better Kit to install. The KMS or the Trinity or? Do I need to...
1-3 of 5 Results