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  1. Second battery box and heater bypass valve

    What have you done to your Rhino today & pictures
    Battery Box: Here's a second battery box I've adapted for my 06 660. It should work for 04-07 450s and 660s. Not sure about the newer ones or those with power steering. This is for using the original group size U1 battery. I put a 35ah AGM battery in there. I think you could alter the box...
  2. bypass starter relay???

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    The short of a the long story is that I bought a 2009 700 special edition rhino for a smoking deal because it was stolen twice and recovered both times. the thieves had ripper the ignition wires out of the key switch and hot wired it. it appears that they left the starter (Blue) wire attached to...
  3. Hello & Help

    New Members
    Hello, new to the forum always wanted a SXS and pulled the trigger on one and it has already begun with repairs. I just bought a used 06 660 and it has been modified quite a bit. Lift, HID lights, radio, clutch kit, top gun computer, two batteries, etc... When looked at it ran fine started up...
  4. ticking noise while trying to start up

    please be gentle since i am new to this site and new to owning a UTV. i have a 2006 Rhino 450 that has the original battery but it seems to be just fine. however while i attempt to start, it makes a ticking noise, sounds to me like a starter but how can i troubleshoot. usually after a few...
  5. all sorts of electrical problems

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    battery keeps goin dead with the amp off, no lights on or anything. itll go dead, shut off and leave me stranded. the speedo started readin way high. like it says 30 when im doin more like 20 and 78 when im doin 55ish. at times when im not on the gas itll just idle down, backfire real loud and die.
  6. wont start, shift or roll

    so i gave in and had a full rebuild by Hunt's cycle. i was out tryna break the motor in for a ride this weekend. had music playin and first time after prob 3 hrs of drivin it started to sputter real bad, backfired and died. stranded me about 3 miles from where i live. and so i got it jumped of...
  7. 06 rhino 660 starting trouble

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I have an 06 rhino 660 with trouble starting ,the starter is fine because I have been jumping it right at the starter with my deep cycle boat battery ,but when I start the quad I get this rapid clicking of the starter relay when I turn the key (sometimes doesn't click at all when turned) which...
  8. altenator issues,byc alt kit

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    ok so im ready to shoot myself!! i have a 2006 660 rhineezy. stock motor,k&n intake,electic fuel pump,stock exaust. i added 6 hid lights, and a ssv stereo system with 2 amps(which have a ton of in line fuses and fused at the amp and at the power source). i have the hid lights fused at the power...