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  1. Barstow Outlet & Slash X for 5-31-10 Monday

    Local Rides and Events
    :drive:we are heading out to Barstow Outlet for Memorial Day... we are going to brave the heat (90-95) since it is my bros fav place to ride! we got 2 rhinos and 2 quads..... let us know if anybody else is heading up that way on Monday... have a great holiday weekend!!! be sure to THANK A VET...
  2. Friday 11-27-09 Barstow Outlet CA

    Local Rides and Events
    we did not get the motorhome up and running~ so we are making a day trip out to Barstow Outlet... and wanted to see if anybody else is headed up that way... as usual we will stop off at Slash X for some greasy fries, a burger and and ice cold beer to wash down the trail dust... :drive::drive: so...