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  1. Long travel axle

    Local Rides and Events
    I just bought a 2007 rhino 660 and and after the first ride the left rear cv axle broke completely off the machine. The splines are destroyed so I don't think a rebuild kit is an option. I ordered a new stock size axle but it was way too short because it has a long travel kit. I cannot find an...
  2. 27 silverbacks or 28 zillas? help

    Wheels and Tires
    Ok so first consider the mods in my Sig. Now shud I go 27" silverbacks or 28" zillas? I will admit I am I bit hard on the throttle. I ride mud, water, trails, gravel and the side of the road. I don't want to lose much torque or break anythin. And want a smoothish ride on the gravel. And I can't...
  3. purple smoke, axle noises, and brakes squealing??? help

    ok so i just installed my UTV crap exhaust tip on my 04 rhino, (it has 4200 miles) and i just noticed that when im running high rpms in neutral or driving in high that it blows out some purple smoke, steady in neutral and puffs while running around 38 mph. whats goin on here? and how do i fix...
  4. cv joint issues

    hey, i have a 04 rhino 660 and the left rear inner cv boot was torn so i took out the axle and after taking the joint off found that the c clip was inside the joint, and i cant get it out. will this cause issues or can i just leave it in and smack a new one on there. and if it needs to be taken...
  5. Twisted Gorrila in half! Best replacement??

    I have looked on this forum & others & have got so so many mixed opinions. (welcome to the internet.. right?) I have an 06 660 rhino, 3" highlifter lift, 27" mudlights, Gorilla axles. I twisted the right rear in half on a rocky trail in WV. yanked the axle out & limped it around the rest of...
  6. 2007 660 +6 left side rear axle

    Want To Buy
    Bought a 07' 660 last month and already broke an axle. Not sure what long travel kit it has or size but when I called Gorilla axles they said it was a +6. looking for whole assembly I can just throw in, or are they rebuildable? Can I replace just the 23" axle? Pm me if you have something that...
  7. Where to buy axles?

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a +6 long travel kit on an 05 and broke the right rear axle. What axle would you recomend and where to get it. Im not trying to spend too much. Thanks
  8. XTreme products 3" Lift problem maybe??

    I have a 3" Xtreme lift in my 06 Rhino with 28" Swamplites. This weekend while riding my rear left axle popped out twice and now the oil seal is junk also. I know when i put the axle back in it was locked in. Could the circlip be junk? Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an axle spacer...
  9. axles break on every ride

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a 2009 rhino with a 3 inch lift kit. I mainly do my riding in the mud because I live in the south. I have 27 inch mud tires on it, high compression piston, cam, CDI, Exhaust. Everytime I go out I break at lease one axle, I have been replacing the axles with axles off of ebay, like from...
  10. Front Differential question

    General Rhino Discussion
    2007 660. I just replaced my front left axle as the boot was torn when I bought it used. When I pulled the old axle out I found that when I spun the tire after it was raised off the ground it spun with a little resistance, kind of a slight rumble/vibration. I put the new axle in and there is...
  11. 06 rhino 660 stock rear cv's popping out

    just wanted some help figuring out how to stop my axle from popping out. its always the rear drivers side. Didn't start happening until I installed stock replacement king shocks. happend twice in orgeon once in glamis. All three shops checked the travel and said it was fine. any help would be...
  12. broke axle

    does anyone have a right rear axle for a 08 700 rhino for sale