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  1. Local Rides and Events
    Hello I own a rhino 660 and the last few rides I rode on it every time it has either blew the end off the muffler or hole in the exhaust does anyone know what could be causing this to keep happening
  2. Transmission and Drivetrain
    So my starter relay went bad and I ordered a replacement and every worked on the display. I changed out the relay and when I stated up the Rhino the display was blank and only glowing green. The other thing that quit working is the rear parking light when the light switch is on. I have charged...
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    Curious if anyone has removed a lift on their rhino switching back to stock?
  4. Want To Buy
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a aftermarket exhaust system for a 2007 660 I currently have a factory system but the head pipe has a crack on it and I do not what to try to weld it since I am not skilled enough. Plus more flow would be nice. Mainly ride the deserts here in Southern California...
  5. Midwest / Texas
    Have a 2006 Rhino 660. Bought several years ago and have had ongoing problems with fuel pumps. I have been through 4 genuine Yamaha fuel pumps and was recently talked into trying a completely different type of pump by reasonably good mechanic. Result is always the same lines have been checked...
  6. General Rhino Discussion
    Our rhino 450 quit on us, still turns over but has a real bad knock. Somewhere it lost its oil.... And we are looking into putting a 660 in it if we can find one, I am in central MO and if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome! Thanks
  7. General Rhino Discussion
    Found a 2006 rhino 660 for $5500. Now it has 4400 miles on it 556 hours. Looks well maintained. New tires,belt and clutch redone. Has aftermarket winch. Doors. Kenwood stereo and speaker and aftermarket exhaust. Looks nice. Used in arazona lots of road riding and some sand riding. I'm wanting a...
  8. Want To Buy
    Hey people! Hoping someone can help me out. Looking to purchase a used engine for my 2005 rhino 660. let me know if anyone had one to sell. Thanks! Email me at [email protected]
  9. Engine
    I just rebuilt my 660 after it threw a rod and busted a baseball size hole through the cases. So I thought now is the time to go all out. Here's what I did to it. New cases of course, hot rods stroker crank and rod, bored to 101mm with wiseco 11:1 piston. Hot cams stage 2 cam and ported head...
  10. Engine
    I'm in the process of rebuilding my 06 660 due to the rod blowing a hole in the bottom of the case as big as a soft ball! So I bought new cases, stroker crank and rod, piston and sleeve for cylinder and everything else I should need. I pressed out the old sleeve and pressed the new one in...
  11. General Rhino Discussion
    I've been looking at an '06 660 SE Rhino with about 1000 miles. It looks real clean. Has roof, windshield, rubble seats, rear mounted spare and metal underbelly skid plate. They want $5800. Good deal or would I be better to keep looking for an '08+ to get the fuel injection?
  12. Members Rides and Rhino Of The Month Contest!
    Well this is my rig, 07 660 with custom paint, winch, full roll bar with enclosure, heater, racing seats with harnesses, ITP tires/wheels, Rigid LED lights and a few performance upgrades.
  13. Engine
    So I've been doing lots of searching and reading on here to find specs and someone with similar mods and elevation so I have an idea of where to jet my machine. I have an 07 660 with Dynatek CDI, stock motor, carb, stock muffler with removed baffle and billet tip and had completely stock intake...
  14. Rhino Videos
    Let me first start off by saying that Neil from "Daytona ATV" helped me with this build! Those people are incredible so if you live in Volusia or surrounding counties please check them out! My 06 Rhino started life as a camo plain Jane..... It now changed its colors and the following..... New...
  15. General Rhino Discussion
    ok heres a poll. for me EVERY time i go ride summ breaks, craps out, makes sparks, catches on fire, or starts making terrible noises and falls apart before iget home. anybody else have this kinda crap from one of these things?
  16. Yamaha Rhino's for sale
    Hustler Concepts Long Travel, Hustler concepts Full Cage, KING Coil overs, Real Carbon Fiber Side Panels, Beard Bucket Seats with Crow 4 point Harnesses, ITP Beadlocks with Terra Cross Tires, Custom Exhaust, Black Rhino: CDI, Clutch Kit and Drive belt, Light Bar 4 Hella 8" HID lights, 2 Optima...
  17. Yamaha Rhino's for sale
    ok so i have a 04 660 that has 4200 miles on it. it has utv crap sheave, orange spring, dynatech cdi, exhaust tip and differential support all included but not installed, blackened lights, custom paint job. i am in need of a truck, would trade for a lifted K5 Blazer, i dont necessarily have to...
  18. Engine
    Hey guys. I have just bought a Rhino, and want to do a full check up from bumper to bumper. Please list all things you'd do or have done to maintain it. Its a 2006 Yamaha Rhino 450. It is bone stock. The Rhino has been sitting for a few months, so I know to change the gas, oil, and all filters...
  19. Want To Buy
    i need passenger side front a arms, spindle , shock and possibly axle also looking for clean plastics exhaust wheels and tires plastic floorboard or replacement steering shaft and steering wheels also interested in a cdi box and i clutch that will make this thing faster i had HIDs but...
  20. Engine
    I recently received a 2006 450 and need a new exhaust (old one was trashed) and looking online found some pretty decent ones for the 660. Question is does the 660 exhaust fit on the 450? Thanks.
1-20 of 41 Results