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  1. Comet clutch

    Racing Specific Equipment
    Anyone have comet clutch parts
  2. looking for a digital dash for 06 660

    Rhino Parts
    I am looking to buy a used digital dash for a 06 660, also hope I am doing this right
  3. 2006 660 engine issue

    i was driving 40 -45 on the road them pop.. oil and metal.. Can anyone tell me from the pics attached if th emotor is a total loss???? What can i expect to pay to repair. What is it worth to sell as is??? Many upgrade greta shape 1250 miles and 125 hours im in peoria az
  4. Need a 2006 660 motor if I cant find oneI will sell or part out my Rhino

    Rhino Parts
    blew my engine today. need a 660 for my 2006. please text me at 623-703-0294 if yo uhave one. If I cant find one ill sell as is or part out.. Fully loaded and great shape( other than motor) has 1250 miles and 125 hours. tons of upgrades . Before this happend today it was sellale for 8900 easy Im...