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  1. Engine
    Ok so I just had the motor pulled an reinstalled in my rhino cause of the "common" reverse problem that Yamaha sells a upgrade kit for but the shop acts blind too. But anyways had them put new rings, oil pump, one way bearing yada yada. I took it for a test ride an it ran great but now when I...
  2. Tutorials
    i know there is lots of discussion on front diffs and 4wd drive issues but i cant find anything that helps me out. I have a 2009 rhino 700 SE and last time out in the snow i may have engaged the diff lock and got on the throttle a little prematurely, the initial problem was the 4wd light on my...
  3. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hi guys, I post this thread because i would like to know if is it any maintenance process for the 4WD servo motor?? Thanks. Guillermo Calderón R.
  4. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I have been reading different threrads about this topic but i didnt find someone who has or had the same issue. This weekend i had been riding my Rhino when i decided to turn on the 4WD so i didnt stop i just put the gas pedal out and press the 4WD switch and it worked fine, so after 30 seconds...
  5. General Rhino Discussion
    We went for a pretty hard ride last weekend up in the Bradshaws near Crown King. Took 89a (awsome FR through Turkey creek out to Senator Hwy). Anyway, while we were still at lower altitude I over heated (another post on that). We found that the fan wasn't kicking on when it was supposed to...
1-5 of 5 Results