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After my back blew out again last January we came home from our trip to Az, Ut and Co with Brian we sold the truck and 5th wheel and bought a MH so thinking about a jeep for offroading and running around. Going to Ut for the month of Sept then put the 05 660 up for sale and become a jeeper creeper.
We are downsizing to only 1 truck, a trailer, and a toy....so my one owner Rotaxed Rhino is going very cheap.

Already sold 2 CJs, 1 YJ, and 1 TJ.....with 2 more CJs due for sale. And a 55 & 57 Chev, 2003 F-550 and then our lives will be much more manageable!!

Ah, think you need to have a conversation with Rhino Rat....

At 75, the thought of parting with my Rhino has crossed my mind, but just don't think I'm ready to pull the trigger. It's akin to taking the keys away from an elderly person - oh crud, that's me..
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